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Asian Invasion

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[31 Dec 2006|03:02am]
vote4asian: but i'm starting to feel alive.....for the first time since july
vote4asian: and its only little...just a little
vote4asian: out of the blue feeling
vote4asian: and i may not admit it tomorrow or in 5 minutes
vote4asian: but....i sure hope it starts to stick around more

trying to pick apart this year.2006.
wow am i done with 2006.
i'm sure there was a lot of good things....but i just can't remember them too well.

[29 Nov 2006|11:19pm]

i never post anything.
but heres something....

"Some insist that they aren't influenced by any person or any religion, that they think for themselves. And that's an honorable perspective. The problem is they got that perspective from...somebody. They're following somebody even if they insist it is themselves they are following. 

Everybody is following somebody. Everybody has faith in something and somebody.

We are all believers."

"This isn't irrational or primitive or blind faith. It is merely being honest that we all are living a "way"

"I'm convinced being generous is a better way to live.

I'm convinced forgiving people and not carrying around bitterness is a better way to live.

I'm convinced pursuing peace in every situation is a better way to live.

I'm convinced listening to the wisdom of others is a better way to live.

I'm convinced being honest with people is a better way to live.

This way of thinking isn't weird or strange; it is simply acknowledging that everybody follows somebody, and i'm trying to follow Jesus."

Rob Bell.

best book.honestly.

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[31 Jul 2006|07:29pm]
CAMP.Collapse )
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[21 Jul 2006|01:13pm]
i leave for camp at 2am...how exciting!!!!!!!
i love long bus rides!!!!
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LIFE. [07 Jun 2006|03:03pm]
we have no control over our emotions
or what will happen tomorrow
where we will be in 10 years.
happiness is not measured in clothes, how many friends you have, how good you look.
God has given me so much happiness over the past year or so...i can't begin to explain.
i don't think i even really started LIVING until i knew Him.
i wonder what would make me even think twice about drawing away from Him...
because i'm human i guess.
but when that happens my life begins to look like how it was a year or so back when i knew nothing about Him.
that is how much God impacts my life...every day.
i'm learning more and more that i can't make this on my own.

"It may not be the way
i would have chosen
when you lead me through
a world thats not my home
but You never said
it would be easy
You only said
i'll never
go alone"
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[10 May 2006|09:11pm]
this friday...
Lakeside Bible chapel is having a coffee house/improv night.
you should all come to see me.donna.kristi.steve.jeff.and doug try to be funny.
i promise you will laugh at least once!
so please come...this is the first real deal for our improv team....
it starts at 8 pm.
and if you really are truly going and you have no idea how to get to LBC...you can contact me.

the invisible children deal is going great! a bunch of us have been hanging up flyers and making it known and a buncha teachers are planning on showing the movie in school! so i'm siked about that!  if you haven't seen it....you really really really should! we are also going to sell braclets to raise money for the kids. and everything is going well. this is awesome!

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[30 Mar 2006|07:13pm]
today was my last day of being sweet 16.
i gotta say it was a pretty sweet year too.
as of tomorrow i will be old 17.

today i got attacked...
literally attacked
by a goose.
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[21 Feb 2005|09:32am]
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[20 Feb 2005|01:19pm]
wha what!!!??Collapse )
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Blahhhhh!!! [19 Feb 2005|01:53pm]
so last night karie mckizzle came over and so did julie...
we decided we wanted to make a trip to farmer jack...just b/c.
So craig and gary came along as well.
we went and got...chicken tenders. burritos. grapes. whiped cream. oreos. and fruit roll ups. talk about healthy!
then we came back to my house adn watched zoolander...ha great movie.
then craig and gary left and karie seriously cleaned my WHOLE room.
like everything!
and organized my dresser...it was greta thanx karie!
u have cute feet.
i drew random things on julie and karie...b/c i dunno b/c.
I did my make up crazy (i'll post pix later)
I basically gave away my whole closet to them.
So we ended up staying up till like 8 something in the morning talking about everything there is to talk about.
it was nice.
i've never stayed up that long.
and my parents came home from mexico this morning at like 6 or something.
it was a fun fun time ya guyz!
i love u both Oh so much!

"Seriously you guyz i know what u're talking about. NO seriously i do."

<3 asian
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Don't it feel like sunshine after all? [17 Feb 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | thinking about the past ]

so last night went over kimmays house...with karie and laura.
it was fun...haven't seen kim or laura for a while.
so it was nice.
we baked a buncha random crap
watched ashlee simpson..WOHOOAAA!
and watched karie be crazy and what not.
fun times fun times.
i love u all!

so today i went through old LJ entries...
so many good times.
a lot that i can never get back.
its actually rather sad
and made me feel empty and basically like a pile of turd.

"you can complian that roses have thorns...
or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."

<3 asian

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[16 Feb 2005|01:01am]
[ mood | anxious ]

The notebook...
such a great movie.
makes u wanna fall in love.

<3 asian

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HAPPY V-DAY. [14 Feb 2005|09:16pm]
today was valentines day...
i must say i had the 2 best valentines in the heIghts yo!
miss amber and jacksterrr!!!
well lets see...
we basically drove around and pretty much stopped everywhere there is...

1) we went to border's cafe and i got this really strong coffee thing...i only got it cuz it had a
really fancy name. we read soem magezines.
2) went to 711....couldn't get jones cuz i gave up pop for lent :(
3)stopped by my house cuz jackie really had to pee.
4)went to apollo so jackie and amber could apply.
5) followed some gangsta kid around
6)went to CVS. i bought amber a ribbon dancer LOL!!! cuz she loves those things!
7) went to the mall. danced to some snoop in american eagle...the lady was laughing at me.
walked by abercrombie and jackie did her dance haha!!! went to windsor and tried on prom dresses
me:"let's pretend we're at prom" haha. that worked out well. Amber was talking to herself in the
dressing room...but we didn't bother to tell her we weren't in there anymore. haha! then we went to
Pac sun where i didn't feel like getting a dressing room...and so i tried on my shirt in the store
no need to worry i had a tank top on. but still the girl looked frigthened.
8) stopped by wendys
9) went to a roller hockey game. ha those 2 gangsta 8 year olds!
me sticking my head out the window again....making loud ape noises haha.
10) stopped by my house and made some GREAT grilled cheese sandwiches!!!
11) went to amebrs and watched desperate hosuewives...

wow we did a lot!!! thanx guyz i must say this was one great valentine's day!!! i love ya guyz!!!

<3<3<3!!!!Collapse )
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CALM DOWN U"RE DRUNK! [14 Feb 2005|11:19am]
So yesterday.....
karie and amber just chillaxed at my house the rest of the day and got ready and what not.
julie went home cuz she smelled like buttox.
then we all went out to coneys with jacksterrr!!!
then afterwards we stopped to get movies...toook us a while!
then stopped at farmer jack and i got cereal...yummm!
on the way back to ambers i stuck my head out the window...it was cold.
we wacthed virgin suicides...weeeird movie!!!
great music video with the singing gum tho haha!
watched a little bit of donnie darko...that bunny scares me.
then me n julie went back to karies to spend the night cuz i don't like staying the night at my house alone, i know i'm a baby.
we made heart shaped cookies and valentines!!!
i made them for the best valentines in the world amber and jacksterr!
and then this morning me, karie, and julie walked to the gas station at like 1:30 and we jsut woke up..sad i know.
but yea thats about it...


<3 asian
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Haugen Das!!! [13 Feb 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | crazy ]

tonight a buncha skanks came over.
karie came over and we watched some tv...she made me pasta b/c i can't cook and my parents aren't home to feed me real food. thanx mckizzle!!!
then julie dean called and we pretended we were drunk...haha no we weren't
but it was funny.
then amber came over a little later and so did courney and julie a little later than that.
**Karie organized my whole closet!!!
b/c she felt like it haha!
it looks great!
** we did talking about the summer and how absolutely amazing it gunna be!!!
and how i'm sick of girls shorts and my new thing is gunna b boy shorts!!! yes!
**we watched ashlee simpson and danced to it!
**i made a dish of melted marshmellows and chocolate i stuffed my face with it was nasty
**me n karie attempted to eat 6 crackers in a minute...wow thats hard! salty!!!
** me n karie put an orange in the microwave b/c we were curious. haha!
** we discovered how much ashlee simpsons butt crack shows
** julie hit me in the eye with an orange peel! OUCH!
** courtney's tooth fell out from eating a jolly rancher. amber told her to put it in
milk to save it or something....but then we discovered it was only a fake tooth.
** climbing over the counter and jsut being crazy

random crazy things ppl said:
JULIE: i love that ice cream HAUGEN DAS!!! ( all german like)

AMBER: your dog bite me!!! (haha sounding asian is always cool)

gahhh i love u guyz!!!

much love so long.

<3 asian

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[11 Feb 2005|11:30pm]
tonight was miss julie dean's surprise party.
it went over very well.
she was surprised! complements of karie mckizzle!
karie did some kick butt decorating!!!!
We sucked the helium from the baloons....i must say ambers was the best!
got julie in the face with cake....ooooh yummmm!!!
listened to a buncha great music!!!
watched Gas...ha.
and the legands of the hidden temple!!!
i love that game!!!
overall it was a great fun filled night.
but i didn't feel too well and was prety much exhausted i decided to call it a night and go home early.
but we'll have plenty of chances to have more sleep overs over break!!!
hope u guyz enjoyed the rest of the night!


<3 asian
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I'm melting in your eyes... [10 Feb 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | tired yet happy! ]

so today started off slow...really slow.
i didn't take any medicine last night hoping that i could bpossibly stay home sick today.
nope didn't work.
but during the day i did feel pretty crummy.
But then everything changed at the end of the day surprisingly...in vocal.
i was just really happy for some reason...
its the celin dion. i just know it. haha jk.
and wow i actually saw light today!!! yes at 6'oclock it was still light out!!!
that just made my day.
OOO YESSS tomorrow friday YESSSSS break!!!!
i'm gunna love this break like no other cuz after that school is my new home.
rehersals going to late hours of the night (9 oclock)
that means i'm spending from 7:20 in the morning to 9 at night in school.
who wants that???
plus the school has a weird smell i don't like it.
anywho....wow i'm sooo excited for break!!!!!


so long. much love.

<3 asian

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THE STINK EYE! [09 Feb 2005|08:19pm]
I just wanna wish miss julie Dean an early happy sweet 16! :)

i eat really fast *stink eye*
what are u giving up for lent?
the stink eye. Gas.
haha so great!

BREAK= heaven= 2DAYS!!!!! ahhhh only 2 DAYS!

thank u amb...thats what i'm gunna call u from now on.
for the sweet new Adam lazzara set up!!! yes!!!! taking back sunday...who doesn't love them???? april 11th :)

<3 asian
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LIVE LIKE NO TOMORROW....really try it!!! [08 Feb 2005|06:03pm]
[ mood | inspired/thinking! ]

It was a beautiful letdown
when i crashed and burned
when i found myself alone, unkown and hurt

it was a beautiful letdown
the day i knew
that all the riches this world had to offer me
would never do

In a world full of bitter pain
and bitter doubt
i was trying so hard to fit in
until i found out...

i don't belong here.

gosh do i love u switchfoot???
time to get back on track :)

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[07 Feb 2005|09:27pm]
NEW hair!!!!Collapse )
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